paintings prints books
Hardback. Giclee-printed. Handmade. Hand bound. Hand sewn.
Individually Artist-signatured and numbered with a certificate of authenticity.
I just love making books!
I choose coloured thread that compliments the theme of the book and a very long needle, yes, and a thimble. I like to keep the process as simple and basic as possible. Each section in a book is sewn individually before finally being assembled, which is preceded by clamping and gluing, and then the assembled sections are further sewn together to make the book's binding secure and indestructible - it'll never fall apart!

Peter Andrew Jones Handmade Books
Sometimes poetry.
Often poetic prose.
Accompanied by an Artist's anecdotes.
Special editions too, with original Artwork (pencil drawing, watercolour etc)
on the frontispiece taken from the Artist's archives from 1973 to current day.
Also requests for contemporary drawings to be made especially are drawn.

Paint encrusted (real paint!) fashioned at the end of each studio day from the Artist's daily palette.

Giclee printed wraparound. Archival quality.

Short runs, from 250 to 950 maximum.

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