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Peter Andrew Jones Atelier ARTIST'S FRAMES

" . . . . it makes my place look good"

(Customer comment)
"Having worked with Peter and seen what happens from his studio I know now how very important frames are, especially "artist" frames in adding character and personality and presence to an already quality piece of artwork."

There are many types of frame style, finish, and embellishment.

Just a few of these are >

Lemon Gold 22.9 ct
Yellow Gold 23.5 ct
Red Gold 22.9 ct
Green Gold 18.4 ct
Gris Silver
Versailles 22.9 ct

The Early Colours (Pigments)

Orpiment - Bright yellow and opaque. Used by the ancient Egyptians.
Gamboge - tree resin - bright transparent yellow used in Middle Ages
Vermillion  deep - bright, opaque red. Used by Romans.
Alizarin lake - dye extracted from madder root and used by Romans.
Verdigris - hydrated copper acetate used by Romans.
Malachite - greenish copper carbonate used by ancient Egyptians
Egyptian Blue - used in Egypt from about 3000 BC then by Romans.
Blue Verditer - widely used in mid 18th century.
Smalt - cobalt blue glass first made in the 17th century.
Rose Madder - alizarin dye extract from madder root since Roman times.

Pearl Lustre Pigments

Pearl Lustre pigments are made from mica flakes finely coated with titanium and/or iron oxides. The thickness and combination of coatings produces refraction of light to give an appearance similar to oil film on water. They give a wide range of effects, from soft satin to sparkling brilliance, over other colours.

  Whatever the actual end effect, each frame is made from scratch in the studio by Peter himself and painted by him personally, not by a team of "artisans" as in the case of so many other publishers.

The back of the frames are given as much attention as the front, having a frame seal to authenticate the matching frame-to-art assemblage. This is in addition to a certificate of authenticity which accompanies each individual limited edition work.

Fine art artist-embellished reproductions presented in hand embellished contemporary frames that are created to individually match each and every picture. Each presents itself as a fine art painting.

A fine art studio or atelier specialising in Fine art work for sale.
Giclee printed but having the appearance of a Fine art oil painting.

  Fine art framed artworks.

A contemporary fine art publisher.


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