Peter Andrew Jones DEborah Susan Jones Paintings of The Stiperstones

What people have said about


“ … I came all the way from Brazil, to meet the Artist, and when I saw this book, I just HAD to go and walk the Stiperstones during my visit to Church Stretton".”
(P.P.,  Americano, Sao Paulo, Brazil)

". . . . I got mine personalised, with a terrific detailed drawing - I keep it with my walking gear in the lobby."
(B.H. Camden, London, U.K.).

". . . . Artistry, en images et en mots. ”
(M.D. France.)

". . . . “Outstanding: not just the art and writing, it's the personal effort extended to the physical creation of the book - it's just SO personal”.
(J.S. Church Stretton, U.K.).

". . . . Enjoying your whole Wildscapes series - very evocative” (K.K.)

". . . . Fantastic - a visual wonderland”. (V)

". . . . I bought (the book), I read (it), I came, I walked - now I get it!"
(M.P. Manchester, U.K.).

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