Peter Andrew Jones Deborah Susan Jones Paintings of  Shropshire Landscapes

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Peter Andrew Jones Wildscapes Paintings of Shropshire Landscapes
What people have said about “Wildscapes”
I have been visiting Shropshire for over 40 years and know these places so well, yet somehow, love the place though I do, it never really dawned on me just how special it is until I bought this book.
Thank you." (Jon, Edinburgh.)

“It makes you realise the area is even more stunning than you already think it is. Perhaps only a very talented artist can bring out that kind of awareness? It makes me want to return there."
(Elaine, France.)

Thank you very much and also for being so thoughtful and including a birthday card – it is much appreciated. Could I place an advance order for books 2 and 3 of the trilogy."
(Andrew, Canada.)

“When I stopped you in the high street, on my "bike tour of the UK", I thought when you directed me to these places you were just trying to sell me a book - then I went there, and I realised I really wanted to buy the book, and take it back to Ohio with me as a great memory.
Thanks, from a Yank.
(Jimmy, Ohio, USA).”

“ … Gobsmaking!”
 (Helen, Cardiff.)

Peter Andrew Jones Wildscapes Paintings of Shropshire Landscapes

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