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"Penance at The Gate"
(From the book "Rhiannon : Goddess of The Birth Moon")
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor

An ancient Myth & Legend . . . . . .
Great Queen Rhiannon, Cymric, Brythonic and a Triple Goddess.

Having been wrongly accused of infanticide, Rhiannon is mad the stand at the gate and tell of her wrongdoing, and carry visitors on her back as a penance, but the truth will out, eventually, and in a spectacular manner . . . .
Associated with otherworldly birds, their melody singing across the waters in the Happy Isles of the Blessed, the sweetest sound ever heard by any mortal ear and every other tune seemed unlovely beside it, a wondrous song to wake the dead, and send the living to sleep, and horses, both accompanying the dead on their journey to the next world, known from the chief prose literature of medieval Wales, the Mabinogi.
She is associated with horses and has otherworldly birds in her possession.
The cult of the horse had deep meaning in the Iron Age and Romano-British period. There are suggestions that as a tribal ceremony, a royal figure symbolically copulated with a horse which was then sacrificed, dismembered and devoured by the ritual revelers.
Deborah Susan Jones

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