Solar              Wind Oil Painting and Limited Edition Print of science              fiction illustration

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The Saliva Tree
(From the book "Solar Wind Volume 1")
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor
    Oil on Gouache on paper - a sample piece for my college portfolio.
While at St.Martins School of Art a mutual friend at college suggested I show samples to a friend, the manager of the paperback section of the famous London book shop, Foyles. It was early December 1973.
He showed them to a Panther Books sales rep, who waltzed off with them, out of town, to the art director "some distance away" - my entire college portfolio! All my degree work!
Three years of it!
The art director proved very hard to contact and I was greatly concerned that my degree show presentation had vanished into thin air. (Hertfordshire as it turned out, where the company had its main headquarters).
I stormed into his Soho-based London office, eventually when I tracked him down, grabbed my portfolio, and headed for the door - this was a guy I could never work with!
Little did I know . . . . .
As I made for the door he said "you may as well show me while you are here" to which I replied "If you haven't bothered to look at it thus far, why should I waste my time?"
How's that for an intro?
His reply?
"Don't be silly, show me".
I was privileged to know one of the very greatest art directors I ever worked with and so much of what he taught me, even to this day, influences much of what I create and certainly how I create it.
A truly talented man.
His name?
The late, great, Steve Abis. Thank you Steve, for all your help and knowledge imparted - never forgotten.- ever.
RIP Steve.
Peter Andrew Jones

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