Wind Oil Painting and Limited Edition Print of a roleplay
              game illustration

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Screech Bats
(From the book "Heroes & Villains")
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor
Dreamt-up by the Artist in October 1990 as one of the core images in THE SOLAR WIND PICTURE LIBRARY which licensed the artist's works to publishers around the world, this image was first used on the UK (and Commonwealth) edition of the Legends of Lone Wolf book series and in fact it was No.1 in the series and subsequently appeared on other language paperback books, for example, in the Czech Republic and Italy, and was taken from the then small nucleus of images the Artist had begun to create that subsequently developed into the HEROES & VILLAINS property, a collection of classic fantasy creatures and scenes, for that was and is the core skill that publishers sought from the Artist - "strong central characters set in other worldly scenes" as one observer has commented.
Dragons, robots, warlocks, magicians, princesses, witches, a vast array of characters created specifically for, and also bought "off the peg" from the artist, for an extensive list of clients who had a seemingly limitless demand for images for a host of projects that kept the artist's studio busy on a roller coaster ride of demand that stretched from Tokyo to New York and every major, and even minor, country in between, to the extent that the studio even received a faxed inquiry from Am Oved, an Israeli publisher, on Christmas day.
The inquiry began "we appreciate you will be busy today, but I wanted to ask if . . . . . " - never a dull moment!
The pictures mounted up until there were so many of them around the studio the artist was forced to start a sub business selling the original art to reduce stock  because it was the only way to clear a pathway to the exit from the building!
Sometimes, what may seem glamorous to the external observer is triggered by sheer necessity which in turn attracts further interest and thus one area of activity can nurture another even if originally unintended . . . . .

Deborah Susan Jones

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