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The Pit of Doom (The Curse of Naar)
(From the book "Heroes & Villains")
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor
There are two versions of cover art  for Joe Dever's book The Curse of Naar by Peter, one for the UK & Commonwealth market, which was the first version, and the second for the North American market for Berkley Books in New York, this latter created because of market overlaps of the two territories would have caused copyright license exclusivity breach and so the second version was done on commission for Berkley in order to avoid this conflict.
The Curse of Naar is the twentieth book in the award-winning Lone Wolf book series created by Joe Dever. Above is the cover art of the US paperback edition and the final book in the "Grand Master" series, and the last one released in North America.
This painting (in oil and acrylic) shows Lone Wolf at a junction of the Plane of Darkness, tasked with liberating the Moonstone from the Dark God's clutches.
Naar, an infinite god of darkness who exists on the Plane of Darkness, confronts Lone Wolf and his Sommerswerd (sword) with a view to destroying him.
Peter's original paintings for both the Red Fox imprint of Century Publishing in London and the Berkeley Books edition differed in format from the first versions done for Editions Gallimard in Paris (and subsequently licensed to other European publishers) in being landscape in format to suit wraparound cover presentation and in having an extra third, positioned to the right of the painting and unseen on the paperbacks, to give the original a more balanced composition to the image and you can see this presentation  at the top of this page.
Peter's Lone Wolf paintings are truly global presentations, skillfully crafted to respect the demands of publishers and to work across many language markets and differing presentations in layout, title typography and editorial viewpoints which, along with the author's own briefs for the paintings was all part of the sophisticated visual juggling act to satisfy all parties.
That's the job of a professional illustrator.
Deborah Susan Jones

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