Solar Wind Heroes & Villains Oil Painting and Limited Edition Print of a roleplay game illustration

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(From the book "Heroes & Villains")
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor
"I Prigioneri Del Tempo" - (Prisoners of Time). I well remember Peter painting this picture and he greatly enjoyed doing it. It is unusual because it is on canvas textured panel. Edizioni E. Elle commissioned this artwork but Joe Dever did not really communicate with Peter until the Beaver Books art director took over and began working closely with Peter in the UK.
RATS! All "Prisoners of, or in, Time", actually - Villains of the piece, storming down the narrow stone steps, "eyes on fire" (The Artist's own name for the painting) teeth bared. A sconce flares to one side of the image. Both sides of the narrow stairway are lined with a favourite feature of Peter's - a stone wall. He has a thing about walls. . . . . . . he's carried the the stone wall throughout his career path and his most recent work for the cover of the "HEROES & VILLAINS" book discloses yet another.
This painting I find slightly spooky but full of energy and momentum. It was one that helped book sales rise to unprecedented numbers. we still have a good following in Italy and elsewhere and the artwork is the main reason. Another different feature is that it is primarily an acrylic piece - very little oil. Not tat acrylic allows the use of flecks of "local" colour to produce spots to catch the ye better than does oil paint. Prisoner of Time is the eleventh book in the series of Joe Dever authored Role play games books titled Lone Wolf and by the time this art was created Peter wall on the way to having a name in the world of Role play Fantasy - something that never would have occurred to him in his previous existence as a "Sci Fi" illustrator. He is still well known in that role despite having moved to Shropshire where he also creates Urban and Rural Artwork and Aviation to a slightly lesser degree..
I say xxxxxxxxxxxxxommissioned” because the covers in the USA differ from other territories due to copyright considerations: Berkley wanted to buy rights in the British covers but an exclusivity/copyright clash would have occurred as North American book cover rights overlapped into the UK and Commonwealth rights territories in Canada. So Peter suggested he should paint a second version exclusively for the North American market, and this subsequently proved to be the case in three other instances
Peter hxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxme, made the ‘Lone Wolf’ images his own worldwide. I think it was because he resisted becoming completely immersed in the roleplay market, remaining detached and influenced by outside sources. He is someone who is very particular and detective-like in character, interested in any number of things (and people) so able to evoke an interest in almost anything he takes an interest in, particularly creating a character. Peter enjoyed doing the ‘Lone Wolf’ covers and sold many of the originals to collectors around the world. I really enjoy re-establishing relationships with them and now realise that so many fans around the world have wonderful memories of their youth spent reading the books with Peter’s cover art on them. I hope they bring pleasure here too.

Deborah Susan Jones

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