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CRYPTS of TERROR (Saga of The Demonspawn)
(From the artist's book "Heroes & Villains II")
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor

This painting was created in the artist's Wimbledon-based London studio in January 1992.
The painting is unusual in terms of the artist's normal working methods at that time in that it takes a picture proportion he normally reserved for wraparound book covers and up-ends it to a vertical which, when appearing on the actual book cover, sheds a portion of the top of the picture. At the time of creation, so hot was the market for the artist's output, publishers welcomed any extra usage they could extract from a painting and this layout was tried sometimes to provide the publisher with the option of areas for a poster to appear in book stores and other printed promotional settings  and positions.
Sagas of  The Demonspawn was a Role play game books series written by J. H. Brennan and which, amongst other countries, was published in Italy by Edizione E.Elle in Trieste, a publisher that the artist had a long working relationship with born out of their initial involvement in publishing Joe Dever's Lone Wolf series which they had initially sub-licensed from Editions Gallimard, the Paris based publishers of the series and for who they provided printing services of the French paperback series, which led to the Italian publisher asking the artist to work on further role play titles and some related novels in the Italian role play publishing market  during the 1980s and into the 90s.
It was also subsequently licensed to a publisher in the Czech Republic called Laser Books in February 1997.
The picture is also related to another in the Demonspawn series, Fire Wolf, which you can see here.
Deborah Susan Jones : Editor

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