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"A Creature of The Night"
(From the book "Rhiannon : Goddess of The Birth Moon")
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor
An ancient Myth & Legend . . . . . .
Great Queen Rhiannon, Cymric, Brythonic and a Triple Goddess.
Upon the night of the birth, women are brought to look after mother and son, but fall asleep; when they awake the boy is gone.
Fearing for their lives they fetch cubs from a stag-hound bitch, kill them, and smear the blood on bed clothes and Rhiannon's face and hands.
Rhiannon awakes and they accuse her of killing and devouring her own son like a creature of the night, though of course she protests her innocence.
The tale spreads through the land and the nobles beseech Pwyll to put his wife away . . . . . . . .
Deborah Susan Jones

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