Solar Wind Simulacra Oil Painting
              and Limited Edition Print of a roleplay game illustration

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First Prophesy
From the book "Paintings of Ludlow".
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor

“The hour of his doom is rung . . . .
They will be our affliction, sore and long.
Until the wild boar bears the crown of Cornwall . . . .
Better meat to those who will recite his praise.”
Long, long ago, before the reign of Arthur, Myrddin, offspring of Incubus and Nun, counterbalance of evil and good, prophesised the downfall of British King Vortigern who had hired Saxon mercenaries to keep the Picts at bay. Betraying the Britons by giving land to the Saxons in return for one night with Rowena, daughter of Saxon King Hengist, the land given was possibly on the River Temys. The Saxons in their turn betrayed Vortigern, and turned on him.
Vortigern fled, built a fort which continually collapsed and young Merlin was taken as sacrifice, an offering to sound the stonemasons work. But Merlin explained the disappearance of the stones was caused by an underground lake which, when excavated, uncovered two huge stones housing two dragons, which escaped, one the red dragon of The Britons and the other the White Dragon of the Saxons.
Merlin predicted Vortigern would die by fire, as the ancient texts state was the case, possibly from the heavens, when defeated by Ambrosius Aurelius, rightful heir, assisted by Uthyr Pendragon, father to “The Once and Future King” through skulduggery with Merlin at Ludlow Castle . . . . . . .

From the book "Paintings of Ludlow".
Deborah Susan Jones

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