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"Pondering The Light To Come"
(From our  "Quarterly Magazine")

It is sometimes said that "a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing" and this proverb suggests that a small amount of knowledge can tempt people into believing they are more expert than they really are, which can lead to mistakes being made.
Perhaps. But, if you are less than twelve years old, living in one room with your parents and without hot or cold running water, sitting up in bed, off-school with the mumps, or flu, while both mum and dad are out at work earning the rent, and you are very sad you won't be able to enjoy your weekly Sunday visit to the Tate and National Galleries that week as a result, you probably don't know, and care even less, that the Chiaroscuro technique can be traced back to the work of Apollodorus Skiagraphos, a Greek painter who used hatched shadows to suggest volume (none of whose works have survived it seems) and, likely as not, to drown out the irritating sound of Wood Pigeon's cries in the garden (none of which you can see because of the London smog) you might very well dwell, with pencil and cheap "sketchbook", on the theme of "light & Dark" or indeed "From The Dark Into The Light"?
Thus, when this character appeared in the garden, even though she was an uninvited (but not unwelcome) visitor, as she sat pondering, who knows what, it coincided with our magazine article/editorial effort of the day, and so an affinity arose, where three creatures, she and we, who did not speak, had not spoke, and likely would never converse, seemed strangely at one, connected.
So, though her companion the Crow appears to serve her well, it occurred to us that we all need a familiar . . . . .

Deborah Susan Jones, Writer.

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