Solar Wind Simulacra Oil Painting
              and Limited Edition Print of a roleplay game illustration
Peter Andrew Jones Limited Edition Prints
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Wings Glinting in the Sun
From the book "TALES FROM THE WOOD - The Magic Garden".
By : Deborah Susan Jones

Woken in the early morning by the ripping,
tearing sound of the roaring, tempestuous wind.
. . . .

The Flower Faeries . . .  by the nature of "their own selves" changed the design, colour, and length of their chosen dresses

They mixed and they matched whatever leaves, plants, flowers and twigs for which it was the season.

But the Witch, though also very fashion-conscious - was really quite 
unlike her kith and kin.

I found the "fashionable parade," a most attractive sight!!

And . . . .

See more in the book!
From the book "The Magic Garden" - See more here!
Deborah Susan Jones

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