Peter Andrew Jones Fantasy Art Drawing and Limited Edition Print
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The Rowan Queen From the book "The Untangled Wood".
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor
"Dare you enter The Magick Garden?
Where all your worries & nightmares
may become wonderful dreams?"

The second in a series of illustrated books chronicling the strange and magic creatures that frequent the  garden outside and beyond the Artist's & Writer's studio.
Here, Unicorns stamp their hooves and traverse the air, Goblins and Elves vie for supremacy, Witches, Faeries, Ogres, and more, inter-relate and, well, the outcome is generally a battle for supremacy and a longing for harmony, at least as far as the the occupants of the studio are concerned!
Loyalty, treachery, chaos, peace, light, dark, upheaval and harmony, the daily events in the garden are not to be taken as mere fantasy and imagination, for here, surrounding the Artist's and Writer's studio, where they do their very best each day to record the events they are witness to, is where the truth of our reality abides, where the hidden structure of the cosmos, of existence, and soon you will realise, as you peruse the pages of this carefully chronicled record of it all, that it is you that live in a world of fantasy, that your daily surroundings are a facade, and that, peeled away, and explored in depth, it is the world of The Garden that is reality, long-time hidden from human understanding, and now, divulged, for all to see, or at least, for those who care to look   . . . . . . .  
From the book "The Untangled Wood".
Deborah Susan Jones

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