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"Aeri Helical Stupra"
(From our  "Quarterly Magazine")
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor & Writer
The Artist's 9 Carat gold-point drawing of the "Aeri Helical Stupra".
A "celebration piece".
Leonardo da Vinci's lifetime traversed the years of the Renaissance period and his work is fundamentally associated with the period, personified by his incessant, perhaps even obsessive, urge for investigation and experimentation, certainly creative daring, and of course, his artistic skills and subsequent popularity, both then and now.
In celebration of the 500th anniversary of his death this year (1999) Peter Andrew Jones honours Da Vinci's talent by experimenting with the artistic techniques he used and examining how it, perhaps, influenced a contemporary artist, himself, and one described by one observer on Twitter as “One of the most influential and successful fantasy artists of the modern age” and who has worked professionally just ten percent of Da Vinci's time and yet, via the explosive nature of publishing markets he has worked in, the subsequent global distribution of his works, and, later, global reach of the internet, is, perhaps, as famous in his own time than Da Vinci was in his?
Such is the  global reach, and power, on the internet?
This drawing,  in 9 Carat Gold, on  Casein Tempera coated wood panel, is a technique much favoured by  PAJ and  the idea of creating a fantasy helicopter to celebrate Leonardo's various far-reaching visions of flying machines was a delight to both ponder and execute.
Deborah Susan Jones

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