Peter Andrew Jones Original
                Paintings Drawings and Limited Edition Print & Book

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"Godda Disguised"
(From our  "Quarerly Magazine")
By : Deborah Susan Jones : Editor

An ancient Myth & Legend . . . . . .
Resplendent, glorious, ageless, timeless, no words could describe this Leonardo da Vinci styled ghost-woman.
She was apparelled in rich brocade and mulberry silk her thick, red gold hair combed back into an intricate chignon.
She’d materialised out of thin air not on foot through garden gate and her progress was leisurely, très élegant.
The night creatures were abroad upon this warm summer night and the Unicorn had touched down briefly to rest  and refuel.
She trod light footedly across the dewy grass, her thin soled slippers offering no protection ‘gainst the chilly moist damp.
Far away one could hear the crash of horse’s hooves on stone as the noble Lord Edric and his aristocratic friends leapt from the Earth’s surface to the low heavens.
Deborah Susan Jones

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