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"The Frost Giant's Daughter"
(From our  "Quarterly Magazine")
Normally, on a typical day, out in our Magick Studio Garden, the residents, be they Elves, Goblins, Wizards and more, can be relied upon to be, whilst often noisy and irritating, at least predictable, and therefore, we can (just about) cope with them.
But this morning was different!
My first reaction was "oh, will she set the trees alight?!"
Then I realised, after struggling with why the garden was, in fact, not now a raging edge of forest fire, that this Queen of Fire, this Goddess, was a time traveler (perhaps the clue was in the fact that she was naked and not therefore exactly equipped for the cold of this winter's day) and thus, the raging flames around her, were not of our time, and were encased in whatever time time this royal personage was originating from (though it remains a puzzle as to why she was appearing in our garden?
Perhaps, as has been so typical of royal stories down the aeons, she was troubled, and her soul was reaching out, struggling to connect with a more settled and harmonious era?
On a day-to-day basis, given the so-often noisy and disruptive antics of our garden residents, she's be unlikely to find total solace, but for sure, in the overview, she'd be welcomed, and she'd find at least a fascinating environment that could keep her mind active and not dwelling on whatever, perhaps even treacherous, er she might be encased in.
One can only hope she finds the way.
The way into our magick garden, where all and anything is possible . . . 
Deborah Susan Jones, Writer.

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