Peter Andrew Jones Art Gallery

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(From our  "Quarterly Magazine")
Spring and white roses, red, pink and purple. Magnolia, nasturtium, daisies and buttercups.
There are definite seasons, the buds on the trees, fresh new leaves, pop-up plants and flowers a-growing.
“Vibrant, beautiful and full of life.”
(Martha Lavinia Hoffman).
And newborn domestic and wild beasties mew and whine, test their nails, learn to bark or practise growling.
The Pagan celebration, Ostara, is here!
T’is festival time once again and again and again; on-going till Mother Earth dies to be reborn.
In our fantastical garden the residents, renewed, revitalised, set the scene for a festival unique unto themselves.
Jack Frost stands down to give way to The Green Man, his arch rival.
The Wheel of life rolls on ....
Deborah Susan Jones, Writer.

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